Maxi Alker


2d computeranimation, Michael Helmrich and I worked this Short out together. It was our diploma at the University for Film and Television "Konrad Wolf", Potsdam-Babelsberg in march 2012

Siu, Bitte treten Sie naeher

I was helping out and animated the little girl which was quite refreshing and fun actually, spring 2015

Der Tag, an dem ich die Traegheit besiegte

2d computeranimation, another one-week-workshop with Gil Alkabetz, autumn 2011

Eine seltsame Sache

Charcoal on paper, one-week-workshop with Gil Alkabetz, spring 2011

In letzter Sekunde

analog 2D Animation, digital Clean Up and Colour, first short film at HFF "Konrad Wolf", 2010